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Despite the challenges prevailing from the Covid-19 pandemic, Green Delta Insurance continued to make progress, focused on its key pillars of insurance inclusion, innovation, customer-centricity, business expansion and investor communication. These efforts were recognised by several award forums, making us one of the most awarded general insurance Company of Bangladesh in 2021.

  • January, 2021

    Received the exalted “ICSB Gold Award” at the 7th ICSB National Awards 2019 for the 6th consecutive year.

  • February, 2021

    Received the 1st prize at the “ICMAB Best Corporate Awards 2019” for the 3rd year in a row.

  • March, 2021

    Introduced device insurance solutions for the first time in Bangladesh.

  • August, 2021

    Successfully brought 60,000 new farmers under its crop insurance coverage, thereby facilitating the agri-communities.

  • August, 2021

    Earned “AAA” credit rating from CRAB for the 8th consecutive year.

  • August, 2021

    Launched online VAT software for automated VAT return processing, thereby ensuring compliance across a key facet.

  • September, 2021

    Signed an agreement with BRAC Bank to offer microinsurance-backed loans to livestock sector farmers.

  • October, 2021

    Organized the first-ever webinar series on “InsurTech” in Bangladesh, thereby positioning itself as a thought leader in this emerging field.

  • October, 2021

    Partnered with Pathao, a leading ride-hailing app, to introduce insurance coverage for commuters.

  • November, 2021

    Partnered with Robi to sell insurance package through its 10,000+ rStores located across the country.

  • November, 2021

    Won the “FinTech Innovation of the Year” award, conferred by the Bangladesh FinTech Forum, recognising the Company’s rapid strides in developing a holistic digital ecosystem.

  • December, 2021

    Received the distinguished “Gold Award” at the 8th ICSB National Award 2020 for the 7th consecutive year.

  • December, 2021

    Received the 1st prize at the “ICMAB Best Corporate Awards 2019” for the 4th consecutive year.


  • February 2020

    GDIC launched first ever sustainability report (SDG Report) of Bangladesh in association with CSR Centre & CRAB

  • April 2020

    GDIC launched flood-index based insurance coverage for Haor areas

  • May 2020

    GDIC launched fundraising platform titled “Amra Korbo Joy” for helping corona-affected farmers

  • June 2020

    GDIC launched digital premium payment system for convenience of clients

  • August 2020

    Earned AAA credit rating for 7th consecutive year

  • October 2020

    GDIC organized the first ever Webinar series on “InsurTech” in Bangladesh

  • October 2020

    GDIC advisor, Nasir A Choudhury, honored with ‘lifetime achievement award’ by BIMTECH

  • November 2020

    MoU Signing between GDIC and MTBL for serving women banking customers

  • November 2020

    Earned World Economic Forum’s New Champion Award for “excellence in sustainability”

  • November 2020

    Earned international ‘SuperBrands’ recognition as the 1st Bangladeshi insurance company

  • November 2020

    Received 1st prize in Insurance category in the 20th ICAB National Awards

  • December 2020

    MoU signing between GDIC and AB Bank Ltd. regarding BBB & ECC Insurance Policy

  • December 2020

    GDIC announced launch of comprehensive mobile insurance app titled ‘InsuMama’


  • January, 2019

    GDIC & PABL receive the Public Trust Award byCII (UK) fOr building public trust In Insurance

  • April, 2019

    Signing of MoU with Syngenta Foundation on Agriculture insurance

  • April, 2019

    Signing of MoU with CARE Bangladesh on Agriculture Insurance

  • June, 2019

    Mr. Neale A Choudhury gets the Lifetime Achievement Award by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at the Emerging Asia insurance Awards 2019

  • August, 2019

    Received Commward 2019 by Bangladesh Brand Forum in mobile category for Augmented Reality Calender- 2019

  • August, 2019

    First Ever Livestock Insurance Scheme launched for Cattle Farmers in association with Brac Bank

  • October, 2019

    Farzanah Chowdhury wins "Women Leader of the Year" award in Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2019

  • November, 2019

    Received 1st Prize in Insurance category in the 19th ICAB National Awards

  • December, 2019

    Received 1st Prize in Insurance category in ICMAB Best Corporate Awards 2018

  • December, 2019

    Received Gold Awards in 6th ICSB National Award 2018


  • February, 2018

    MOU signing with Sebe on Agriculture Insurance

  • March, 2018

    IDRA & Green Delta jointly organize 'Sobar Jonno Bima'

  • May, 2018

    Receives MetLife Foundation inclusion Plus Award for Weather index-based Agriculture insurance

  • May, 2018

    Ms.Farzanah Chowdhury receives the prestigious WEF award on 'Woman of the Decade in Finance & insurance' from Women Economic Forum (WEF)

  • May, 2018

    Receives 3 awards in Emerging Asia Insurance Awards 2018 by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

  • June, 2018

    Ms. Farzanah Chowdhury gets selected as the prestigious CII Goodwil Ambassador

  • July, 2018

    Settled claim worth approx 38 crore of Jamuna Group

  • July, 2018

    Received AAA & ST1 credit rating by Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh

  • July, 2018

    Ms. Farzanah Chowdhury gets announced as the EO Bangladesh President

  • August, 2018

    Signing of MoU with Solargao on Agriculture Insurance

  • September, 2018

    Receives International ARC Awards for Best Presented Annual Report in Insurance category for the year of 2017

  • September, 2018

    Launched Digital Insurance for the first time in Bangladesh

  • September, 2018

    Received 3 Awards at the Bangladesh Best Employer Brand Awards 2018 organized by World HRD Congress

  • October, 2018

    Launched the first ever flagship branch at Nasirabad Chittagong.

  • November, 2018

    MoU Signing with Dotlines

  • November, 2018

    MoU Signing with Bank Asia for insuring the credit of marginal farmers

  • November, 2018

    Receives Gold Award in 5th ICSB National Award 2017

  • December, 2018

    Commercial launching of Weather Index-based Agri-insurance jointly with IFC

  • December, 2018

    Receives 1st Prize in ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2017

  • December, 2018

    Receives 1st Prize in Insurance Category in the 16th ICAB National Awards


  • January, 2017

    Green Delta Settles crop insurance claim

  • January, 2017

    Partnership with East West University

  • February, 2017

    Partnership with ICT ministry

  • March, 2017

    Gulshen Market Fire victims get claims settled

  • July, 2017

    2nd Phase of SSK commences

  • July, 2017

    Partnership with Sylhet Sixers

  • August, 2017

    Partnership with BASIS

  • September, 2017

    Donation to PM's office for the flood victims

  • October, 2017

    Claim settlement of 6 corporates

  • October, 2017

    AAA Credit Rating-4th year in a row

  • December, 2017

    ICSB Corporate Governance Awad for the Best Insurance Company

  • December, 2017

    1000 farmers gets their claims settled in Chitolmari


  • January, 2016

    Celebration of 30th Anniversary of Green Delta insurance

  • March, 2016

    Settled 2 of the largest clams of Dignity Textile Mills and Highspeed Group

  • May, 2016

    MOU signing with Jaago Foundation to sponsor a class of 4O kids till they graduate from the school

  • June, 2016

    Partnership with A21 of Prime minister's Office for activating sales of Insurance through Union Digital Centers

  • June, 2016

    Ms.Farzanah Chowdhury Chartered insure and MD & CEO of Green Delta gets recognition from UN Global Compact as On Of the 10 Local SDG Pioneers for her contribution towards Women's Economic Security and Gender Equality which was portrayed through the Green Delta insurances flagship women's product-Nibedita

  • August, 2016

    Handover of a cheque worth 25 lacs to International Chamber of Commerce for capacity building

  • September, 2016

    Receives International ARC Award for Best Presented Annual Report

  • September, 2016

    Signing with to introduce domestic Mediclaim Insurance for the first time in Bangladesh

  • October, 2016

    Launch of Nibedita mobile App


  • February, 2015

    Settles the biggest claim In GDIC's history by Handing over a check worth BDT 68 crore to Akij Group(Dhaka Tobacco Limited)

  • February, 2015

    Green Delta IFC join hands to pioneer the Weather index Based Agri Insurance in Bangladesh

  • May, 2015

    Agreement signing with ROBI Axiata Ltd. regarding Insurance for their retailers and employees

  • May, 2015

    Agreement signing ceremony with IDLC regarding providing Nibedita to the Female entrepreneurs

  • September, 2015

    Receives World Finance Award for Best Non-Life insurance Company, Bangladesh

  • September, 2015

    Receives international ARC Award for Best Presented Annual Report

  • October, 2015

    Receives AAA rating for the consecutive 3rd year as the first Insurance Company in Bangladesh

  • November, 2015

    Receives First Prize in Insurance Category in ICSB Corporate Governance Excellence Awards

  • December, 2015

    Receives First Prize in Insurance Category in ICAB National Awards for Best Presented Annual Reports

  • December, 2015

    Signing with City Bank & Dutch Bangla Bank Limited regarding online payment services

  • December, 2015

    Signing of Contract between Health Economics Unit of Ministry of Health Bangladesh Government & Green Delta Insurance for Implementation of SSK Piloting

  • December, 2015

    Green Delta Insurance Signs MoU on "Agriculture Weather Index Insurance" with Sylvan Agriculture Limited(Sister Concern of PRAN -RFL GROUP)


  • April, 2014

    Formal launching of Nibedite

  • May, 2014

    Won 2nd prize in ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2013 (Non life insurance Category)

  • May, 2014

    Launching of the 3rd subsidiary of GDIO Professional Advancement Bangladesh Limited (PABL)

  • August, 2014

    Received Best Non life Insurance Company Bangladesh award from International Finance Magazine

  • October, 2014

    Became the first insurance company of Bangladesh to get AAA rating credit accreditation by CRAB

  • October, 2014

    Launching of the 4th Subsidiary of GDIO GD Assist Limited

  • November, 2014

    Received first prize for best presented annual report in insurance sector from ICAB

  • November, 2014

    Launched GD Health-the first comprehensive health insurance product in Bangladesh with Global Emergency Medical Evacuation

  • December, 2014

    Received first prize for best presented annual report in insurance sector from SAFA services


  • March, 2013

    Equity Partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC) of World Bank Group. First Foreign Direct Investment of IFC in the Insurance Sector of Bangladesh

  • May, 2013

    Launch of 'Nibedita' on pilot basis, a comprehensive Insurance scheme solely for women for the first time in Bangladesh

  • October, 2013

    Farzanah Chowdhury officially takes over as The Managing Director and CEO of GDIC becoming the first ever female MD in the Insurance sector of Bangladesh

  • December, 2013

    Awarded AA1' rating in the long term and "ST-1" rating in the short term respectively by CRAB

  • December, 2013

    Officially launched Cellular phone Insurance for the first time in Bangladesh signing deal with Rialto Technologies


  • April, 2012

    Moved to new Head Office(Green Delta AIMS Tower) at 51-52 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka

  • September, 2012

    Invested in BD Venture Limited, country's first Venture Capital company

  • October, 2012

    Introduced People's personal Accident Policy for the students of South-East University. the first of its kind in Bangladesh

  • November, 2012

    Awarded "AA 1" rating in the long term and "ST-1" rating in the short term respectively by CRAB


  • April, 2011

    Has been awarded for The Platinum Technology Award for Quality & Best trade name by Association Other Ways in Berlin

  • August, 2011

    Awarded "The BIZZ Award-2011" by World Business Confederation of Business, USA for Leadership. Excellence in management Quality and Marketing

  • November, 2011

    Awarded "The Diamond Eye Award for Quality & Excellence "By Bid Other Ways

  • November, 2011

    Awarded International Quality Crown Award By Bid International in London

  • November, 2011

    First Prize in ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2011 in Insurance category

  • November, 2011

    Conferred the 'Certificate of Merit' for the Best Presented Accounts Award 2010 in the category Insurance Sector by the South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA)


  • March, 2010

    Approval for Green Delta Mutual Fund for BDT 150.00 crore

  • June, 2010

    Authorized capital increased to BDT 100.00 crore

  • October, 2010

    Change in the denomination of Face Value (BDT 10/) and Market Lot (from 10 to 100)

  • December, 2010

    Approval of Merchant Banking license in the name of the subsidiary Green Delta LR Financial Services Ltd.

  • December, 2010

    Has been accredited T.Q.M Aptitude seal for high quality performance and best customer satisfaction

  • December, 2010

    Has been selected for Platinum Technology Award for Quality and Best Trade Name

  • December, 2010

    First Prize winner of "Best Published Accounts in the 10th ICAB National Awards 2009 (Non Banking Category-Insurance Sector)


  • June, 2009

    Donation of 550 wheel chairs among the war wounded freedom fighters

  • August, 2009

    MOU Signing with LR Global Bangladesh AMC Ltd.


  • June, 2008

    Capital increased to BDT 200 million

  • September, 2008

    Awarded "AA2* rating in the long term and ST-1 rating in the short term by CRAB

  • December, 2008

    Raising of Paid up capital to BDT 408.24 million


  • February, 2007

    Startup of the Construction of own building named Green Delta Aims Tower a joint venture project with-Mr. Mainul Islam


  • June, 2006

    Issuance of Bonus Share

  • July, 2006

    Startup of the Operations of Green Delta Financial Services Limited

  • December, 2006

    Capital increased to BDT 151.20 million

  • November, 2006

    Investment in United Hospital


  • May, 2005

    Launching of Islamic Takaful Insurance

  • May, 2005

    Dhaka Stock Exchange Membership Purchased

  • June, 2005

    Formation of Green Delta Aims Limited, a joint venture construction form

  • October, 2005

    Incorporation of Green Delta Financial Services Limited

  • December, 2005

    Capital increased to BDT 108 million


  • May, 2004

    Issuance of Right Share

  • October, 2004

    Awarded "A"category insurance Co. By CRISL


  • Oct, 1997

    Investment in Delta Brac Housing as equity share holders


  • October, 1995

    Listing with Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited

  • October, 1995

    First trading at Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited


  • Jan, 1990

    Listing with Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited

  • Jan, 1990

    First trading at Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited


  • Aug, 1989

    Received consent from SEC for issuance of Public Share of BDT 30 million

  • Dec, 1989

    Increase of paid up capital to BDT 60 million


  • Jan, 1986

    Commencement of business

  • Jan, 1986

    Signing of First Insurance business


  • Dec, 1985

    Incorporation of the Company