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Hospitalization – Accidents, Diseases & COVID-19
Health Cashback Facilities


Coverage & Benefits

Individual Coverage BDT
Accidents, Diseases & COVID-19 Up to BDT 1,00,000 Per Person Per Year
  • Health cashback for accidents and disease:
    Tk. 1,000/night (maximum 5 nights per episode and at least 24 hours hospital stay is required).
  • Health cashback for Covid-19 (Hospitalization only):
    Tk. 1,000/night (maximum 5 nights per episode and at least 24 hours hospital stay is required)
  • RTPCR test is required
  • Maximum of 20 Health cashback and accidental cash claims (BDT 1,00,000.00) per twelve consecutive subscription months per eligible subscriber


Details Amount (BDT)
Insurance Premium TK 204
VAT 15% 31
Stamp 0
Total 235

How to Submit a Claim

  • 1st Step

    Insured will send the clear photos of the required documents along with his/her registered Name, Mobile Number & Policy Number to this WhatsApp number: +8801617666888 (WhatsApp only)

    Following is the document list for claim submission: (not limited to)

    • Policy Number
    • Policyholder’s NID number
    • Policyholder’s registered mobile number
    • Nominee’s registered mobile number
    • Copies of prescription for diagnostic test, treatment advise, medical references
    • Original set of investigation reports
    • Itemized original hospital bill and receipts Hospital and related original medical expense receipt Pharmacy bills in original with prescriptions
    • And other relevant documents as per insurance policy
  • 2nd Step

    Once the phone number is verified and all documents are submitted, the insured or nominee will be contacted by GDIC team.

    Claim Processing/Settlement:

    1st Step:

    • GDIC will review, verify and validate the submitted claims document by the insured.

    2nd Step:

    • GDIC claim or concern department will contact with the insured or nominee for verification if required
  • 3rd Step

    Approved or rejected claim will get the final confirmations within 15 working days. Confirmation includes payment to insured with regards final claim settlement decision.

    Other Terms & Conditions:

    • Insured must provide intimation to Insurer immediately and in any event within 48 hours from the date of Hospitalization . However, the Insurer at his sole discretion may relax this condition subject to a justifiable reason/evidence being produced by the Insured on the reasons for such a delay beyond the stipulated 48 hours and up to a maximum period of 7 days.
    • Insured has to file the claim with all necessary documentation within 15 days of treatment/discharge from the Hospital.
    • Insured must give clear pictures of all original bills, receipts, certificates, information and evidences from the attending Medical Practitioner /Hospital /Diagnostic Laboratory as required by Insurer.
    • All the bills, prescription and required documents should have the insured person’s name written clearly and the date should be mentioned properly.
    • On receipt of intimation from Insured regarding a claim under the policy, Insurer/Administrator is entitled to carry out examination and obtain information on any alleged Injury or Disease requiring Hospitalization if and when Insurer may reasonably require.