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Nasiruddin Ahmad Choudhury


Nasiruddin Ahmad Choudhury


By virtue of an experience of more than half a century in the insurance sector, Mr. Nasiruddin Ahmad Choudhury has pioneered the insurance industry of Bangladesh and is a widely respected business veteran. Mr. Choudhury completed his Bachelor’s degree from Anando Mohon College, Mymensingh, and Master’s degree in Islamic History from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. He is vastly experienced in the field of insurance and is widely respected in the insurance industry and business circles, both locally and globally. Mr. Choudhury joined the Pakistan Insurance Corporation in Karachi in September 1958. Later, he went to London for training and further traveled to Germany to train at the Munich Reinsurance Company. At Pakistan Insurance Corporation, he held various senior positions till the liberation of Bangladesh. In 1972, fueled by the patriotic urge to engage in nation building, he took up the challenging responsibility of rebuilding the reinsurance department of the Sadharan Bima Corporation as a General Manager. Having achieved his objectives, he left Sadharan Bima in 1983.

By this time, he was also Insurance Adviser of Bangladesh Biman and Bangladesh Shipping Corporation for over 15 years. In 1985, when insurance was opened up to the private sector, Mr. Choudhury established Green Delta Insurance Company Limited, with a couple of close friends, as sponsor and founder Managing Director and CEO. Today, Mr. Choudhury continues to discharge his responsibilities as an Advisor. Throughout his glorious career spanning multiple decades, Mr. Choudhury has been awarded by many renowned national and international organizations for his unparalleled contribution to the insurance industry of Bangladesh and the world at large. In 2007, the US-based International Who’s Who Historical Society acknowledged

Mr. Choudhury as a fellow. He was elected as the Director of FBCCI, President of the Insurance Association, Executive Member of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the Bangladesh German Commerce and Industry. He is also the chairman of Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation. He has also served as the Chairman and Managing Director of NASSCOM Private Limited. Among the host of prestigious awards he has received is the International Quality Crown Award in the Diamond Category in 2009, in London.

He has also received the DHL-Daily Star Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009, mother Teresa international award for contribution as a social and as also the International Star Award for Leadership in Quality, presented in Paris in the same year. Mr. Choudhury has traveled around the world and is closely associated with insurance majors in countries like Germany, the UK,

France, Japan and Malaysia, among others. Under the accomplished mentor ship of Mr. Choudhury, Green Delta Insurance continues to remain the largest non-life insurance company of Bangladesh and has broken new ground with certain exemplary industry firsts, most notable among these is insurance products exclusively designed for women customers, agri-insurance and a state-of-theart insurance institute, among others. Today, Green Delta Insurance is focused on promoting insurance inclusion and is focused on the overarching ambition of providing ‘insurance for all’.