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Anupam Das


Anupam Das

Head of Internal Audit & Compliance

Mr. Anupam Das is an accomplished finance professional with multifaceted experience in the fields of statutory, internal and risk-based audit; process development; control and mitigation of risk; financial and statistical analysis; and up gradation of reporting standards, in compliance with applicable rules, regulations and general procedures.
Prior to joining Green Delta Insurance, Mr. Das extensively worked with various organisations, including banking, financial and insurance institutions post completion of his MBA degree majoring in Finance, and also undergoing a Chartered Accountancy course under The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). During his eventful career he acquired robust experience. Mr. Das was also exposed to a number of training programs, while also attending several conferences and seminars in insurance, leadership and skills development.

Mr. Das started his career at Green Delta Insurance in 2013. Being entrusted with the responsibility of internal audit and compliance in the company’s Internal Audit & Compliance Department, he diligently worked to nurture a highly-compliant organisation, developing a holistic 360-degree review process to identify compliance gaps, while also ensuring proactive initiatives to plug deficiencies to reinforce the overall audit and compliance practice.
Some of his other core responsibilities at the company include, evaluating and providing reasonable assurance that risk management, control and governance systems are functioning to meet corporate goals, evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of performance of branches and various departments, evaluating information security and associated risk exposures and evaluating regulatory compliance programs with applicable rules and regulations. Further, he also provides support to the Company’s anti-fraud programs, ensures accuracy of records and transactions, confirms reliability of financial reporting and safety and security of assets, and also provides assurance of good governance in the organisation.