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Green Delta Insurance & Nagad jointly launch “Amra Korbo Joy” fundraising platform for helping the farmers affected by Coronavirus Pandemic


Green Delta Insurance Company (GDIC) and Nagad have jointly took on a fundraising initiative for helping the farmers’ community of Bangladesh under a platform named “Amra Korbo Joy”, the representatives of both organization shared in an online press conference earlier today (30 April, 2020).

Ms. Farzanah Chowdhury (MD & CEO of GDIC), Mr. Tanvir A Mishuk (Managing Director, Nagad), Mr. Mohammad Aminul Haque, (Acting CEO, Nagad) and Mr. Syed Moinuddin Ahmed (AMD & Company Secretary of GDIC) were present to address the press in the online press conference held earlier today.

In the press release released by GDIC & Nagad earlier today, they said, agriculture is the lifeblood of our nation and it employs around 45% of our total population, amassing around 7.5-8 crore people, who collectively earn around 14.25% of our GDP. The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the daily lives of people and jeopardized livelihood of millions, and a big part of these affected people are our farmers, who are responsible for ensuring the food security of the nation. Due to coronavirus epidemic, the harvesting, reaping and selling of the crops are being hindered, which ultimately is having an adverse effect on the daily livelihood and survival of the families of these farmers, said in the handout.

GDIC has always worked with the marginal population of the country and is passionate about ensuring financial security of this population. At the same time, Nagad aims to become the digital financial services platform for the marginal and unbanked population. Therefore, inspired by the belief that our farmer community needs to be saved from the adversity of coronavirus epidemic for ensuring continued food security of Bangladesh, GDIC and Nagad feel the urge to stand by their side and thus the fundraising platform “Amra Korbo Joy” is being launched for all of us to contribute for the farmer’s community of our country.

“With almost half of the nation being dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, it’s the most important community to be saved for the continued prosperity and food security of our nation, which is why we are launching this fundraising platform. And I strongly hope and believe that with help of our countrymen from home and abroad, we will overcome this crisis and help our farmers survive at the same time”, said the MD & CEO of Green Delta Insurance Company, Ms. Farzanah Chowdhury.

Tanvir A Mishuk, Managing Director, Nagad, DFS of Bangladesh Post Office, said “without any second thought we are predominantly an agro-based nation, and in this time of global crisis, our major duty is to save our farmers in order to save the nation. And I firmly believe that we shall overcome this situation in no times”.

The fundraising initiative titled ‘Amra Korbo Joy’ will be receiving donations through “” website, which has proper payment integration from multiple platforms including credit and debit cards as well as some MFS platforms, e.g Nagad. The fundraising will commence from May 3, 2020 and will continue for a period of 15 days (up to May 17 tentatively). GDIC and its subsidiaries have donated their 1 day worth of salary to this platform already. At the moment, apart from working on the fundraising website, GDIC and Nagad are jointly working on collecting database of farmers affected due to the epidemic. At the end of the donation collection period, the raised fund be donated to the farmer community before Eid-ul-Fitr through Nagad’s transactional service.