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Join the Green Delta Future Leaders program cohort 2024, a dynamic management trainee development initiative designed to accelerate your career growth. This program integrates hands-on training with personalized and group coaching, preparing you to become a future leader in insurance sector with robust business knowledge and essential leadership and functional skills.

Take this opportunity to unlock your potential on a fast-tracked career path. You'll collaborate with a diverse team of seasoned insurance professionals and participate in cross-functional job rotations within your key areas of interest and expertise.

Academic Qualifications

  • BBA/ MBA Major in Banking and Insurance, Finance, Accounting & Information System, Management Information System from reputed University.
  • B.S / M.S. in Applied Statistics/ Data Science from reputed University.
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering from reputed University.

Others Attributes

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Tech Savvy, Strong command especially in MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point
  • Age not exceeding 30 (thirty)
  • Must be an extrovert and willing to work in any location in Bangladesh
  • High ethical standard.
  • Interested and committed to build career in insurance industry.

FLP Development & Benefits

  • The selected candidates will be appointed as FLP and will be on probation for a period of six (06) months. During this probation period, they will undergo rigorous cross-functional training.
  • During the six (06) months’ probation period, an FLP will be paid a monthly consolidated salary of Tk. 35,000/- (thirty-five thousand) only. After the successful completion of the probation period, they will be absorbed as Deputy Manager with a salary of Tk. 45,000/- (forty-five thousand) only

Why you think you’ll love it here

  • Life insurance, Health insurance - we care about your well-being
  • Festival bonus, Performance bonus - your success is our success
  • Provident fund and Gratuity benefit – we care about your future
  • Chance to work with cross-functional teams, branches throughout the country and the Subsidiaries - expanding your horizons
  • Annual Performance Appraisal - because growth is the name of the game
  • Employee drop off - we've got your commute covered
  • Work hard, play hard with a sound work- life balance and a friendly environment

Selection Process

Candidates will need to fill out a basic application form with personal details and eligibility questions. Candidates must upload their CVs in the application form.


CV Screening

CV screening assesses a candidate's qualifications for a role by evaluating their education, experience, and other relevant information detailed on their CV.


Written Exam

The competitive written exam is a key component of the recruitment process for the Future Leaders program, designed to evaluate a candidate's analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, and foundational knowledge.


Topic Based

Candidates in the Future Leaders program will research and present a business topic to a panel, demonstrating communication skills, subject knowledge, audience engagement, and critical thinking during a subsequent Q&A session.


Panel Interview

In the panel interview, candidates introduce themselves, answer competency and behavioral questions, and inquire about the program, assessing their fit for leadership roles within the organization.


Final Interview

In the final interview, top management evaluates candidates' strategic thinking, leadership vision, and alignment with organizational goals, ensuring the selection of future leaders poised for executive success.

Hear from our Future Leaders (VDO)

I have a few questions... (FAQ)

What is the duration of the program?

It is six-months long program which involves various rotations in coherent functions.

What will be my base location if I get hired as a Future Leader?

Final location will be communicated based on business need and opportunity available at the time of confirmation.

How is the competitive written exam structured?

The exam consists of multiple sections, which may include quantitative analysis, logical reasoning, verbal aptitude, and domain-specific knowledge. Questions are crafted to assess a broad range of skills, from numerical problem-solving and data interpretation to critical thinking and comprehension abilities.

What is involved in the topic-based presentation for the Future Leaders program?

The topic-based presentation requires candidates to prepare and present on a given topic. You will be allocated sufficient time to research and create your presentation. During the presentation, you will showcase your findings and insights to a panel of assessors, followed by a Q&A session where you will answer questions to demonstrate your critical thinking and depth of understanding.

What can I expect during the panel interview for the Future Leaders program?

The panel interview involves several key components: an introduction and overview where you provide a brief summary of your background and experiences; competency-based questions to evaluate your leadership potential, problem-solving abilities, and functional competencies; behavioral questions about your past experiences and behaviors to assess your interpersonal skills and cultural fit; and an opportunity for you to ask the panel about the program, company culture, and career growth opportunities.