Hotline: 16457

Deactivate Account

To delete your account and associated content for the "Insumama" app, follow these steps:

1.Open the Insumama App:

   – Launch the Insumama app on your device.

   – And logged in your account

2.Navigate to Settings:

   – After successfully login look for a menu or icon that leads to the app's settings. This is often represented by a user icon or found in the profile section.

3.Request Account Deletion:

   – Look for an option to delete your account. This might be labeled "Delete Account," .Follow the on-screen instructions to request the deletion of your account.

4.Contact Support if Needed:

   – If you cannot find an option to delete  account, contact Insumama’s customer support for assistance. Look for a "Help," "Support," or "Contact Us" option within the app or on the Insumama website.

5.Uninstall the App:

   – Once your account has been deleted, uninstall the Insumama app from your device.