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Faisal Ahmed Choudhury completed his Masters in Political Science from the University of Dhaka in 1966. Thereafter, he went through a foundation training course in financial services in Lahore in 1970-71, after which he was trained with German customs in 1978 and completed an academic course on international taxation from Harvard University in 1983-84. Earlier, he served as an
Officer at United Bank in1967-69 and also as a Lecturer in Political Science in Dhaka College in1969-70. Mr. Choudhury is an experienced bureaucrat with 35 years of experience in various ministries/public departments, including water resources, shipping, finance, export promotion, customs, excise and VAT, etc. His various career engagements include, Secretary in the Ministry
of Water Resources, 2001-03;Secretary in the Ministry of Shipping, 2000-01;Additional Secretary E.R.D in the Ministry of Finance, 1998-99; Managing Director, Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha, 1998-99;Vice Chairman, Export Promotion Bureau, Ministry of Commerce, 1996-98;Commissioner,Custom House, Dhaka, 1993- 96.Joint Secretary, Finance Division, Ministry of Finance, 1992-93;Director General, Duty Exemption of Drawback Office, N.B.R, 1990-92.Commissioner, Customs, Excise & VAT Commissionerate, Dhaka and in N.B.R, 1987-90;Assistant/Deputy Commissioner, Customs & Excise, Second Secretary and First Secretary, N.B.R, 1973-87. Other principal appointments: Mr. Choudhury also served as a government appointed Director on the
Boards of several prestigious institutions spanning two decades. These include Bangladesh Gas Field Ltd, Agrani Bank Ltd, Shilpa Bank Ltd, Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha, IFIC Bank Ltd and Investment Corporation of Bangladesh. Mr. Choudhury served as an Independent Director on the Board of Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd for a period of six years ending December 2018.